Underfloor Heating Systems

Efficient underfloor heating installation from ROMA 

Underfloor heating is a system that’s installed under the floorboards in a property to provide heat in the home. This system is becoming a popular choice with property owners due to its efficiency and relatively simple installation. ROMA have an extensive range of heating systems to suit any home or business.

Customers will appreciate the efficiency and sophistication of their own underfloor heating system. Our friendly team will help you choose the right underfloor heating option and our engineers will ensure that you get a speedy, efficient installation. Heating systems such as this provide customers with a safe, warm environment that is easy to control. Underfloor heating systems have a number of advantages that make them a worthwhile investment, saving you money in the long run.

Underfloor heating systems

Why choose underfloor heating systems?

Underfloor heating systems are cost-effective which is great for people who rely on them all year round. The system is designed to last for decades provided it is properly maintained. You no longer need to worry about cold, uninviting rooms as the underfloor heating will ensure your home or business has a warm comfy feel to it. Customers often find that floor heating systems are a great investment, helping lower electricity costs. 

What are the benefits of underfloor heating?

The following are a few of the many benefits customers get from underfloor heating systems:-

  • Easy to care for
  • It is economically viable
  • The system is technologically advanced
  • Ideal for any home or office and
  • Is safe for the whole family

Is underfloor heating cost-effective?

Heating a home or business is a large expense for most people. The installation of underfloor heating, when done correctly, can cut down on heating bills and energy consumption. In general, underfloor heating costs less to install than conventional systems. Underfloor heating is also considered to be more cost-effective than central heating. It uses much less energy than radiators and convectors – typically around half the energy needed for a central heating system. A small amount of heat is lost through the floor but the amount is much less than the heat lost through the walls. Underfloor heating can be installed to work with the existing heating system in your home. Contact our heating engineers to find out more.

How long do these systems take to heat up?

Underfloor heating should take between 30 minutes and a couple of hours to be fully operational. To warm the underfloor heating up it is necessary to have it on for several minutes before you expect to start feeling any heat. 

Which areas of my property require underfloor heating?

Areas of a building that are suitable for underfloor heating include: –

  • Nurseries and communal areas
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Offices and studies
  • Conservatories and utility rooms
  • Any other room that needs to be heated on a regular basis.

Using a thermostat correctly with underfloor heating

Thermostats, if used properly to control underfloor heating, will save energy and money. A thermostat is basically a switch that controls whether or not the heating is turned on or off based on the temperature of the space. Thermostats are frequently mistaken for a throttle, with the belief that turning them up high can speed up the heating of your home. You can save energy and not overheat your home by properly using a heated floor thermostat and setting it properly.

Are there consumer reviews for underfloor heating?

Yes, you can read reviews for our underfloor heating systems and other services that we offer on the ROMA Checkatrade page.

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ROMA Heating have a wide range of systems that can provide underfloor heating solutions for your property. We provide a professional installation service throughout Milton Keynes and its surroundings. Our heating systems are reliable, efficient, and safe, allowing you to heat a room exactly how you want. Contact us today to get a quote and discuss your requirements. For more information about heating systems and installation please visit our website.