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Commercial boilers will become less efficient as time passes. Even with regular maintenance, general wear and tear will eventually start affecting components. This will ultimately lead to an increase in running costs and energy usage.

Every commercial boiler reaches a point where it is better value for money to replace it instead of repair it. Modern boilers benefit from the most up-to-date technology which is constantly improving efficiency.

Commercial Boiler Installation

What is the difference between domestic and commercial boiler installation?

The boiler industry distinguishes between domestic and commercial boilers. A boiler is considered domestic if it is with the range of a 70 kW maximum limit. Any installation above 70kw is considered commercial. This is measured by the installation as opposed to the range of an individual boiler. An installation of two 50kw boilers which are connected to the same system is considered to be a commercial installation as the total amount of kW is higher than 70.

It is an important factor when choosing a company to install a boiler. As the name implies, ROMA Domestic And Commercial Heating Services Ltd has the relevant accreditation to complete commercial boiler installations.