Boilers on finance at ROMA Heating

ROMA Heating now offers customers boilers on finance! We are pleased to announce the introduction of a low-cost finance option to pay for your boiler. Let us help you with that essential purchase, making it quick, convenient, and easier to manage your money.

boilers on finance

Why is finance a great option for my new boiler?

More and more customers are choosing boilers on finance. This is a fantastic addition to our boiler packages for a number of reasons. You can have more control over deciding when to install a new boiler. A finance option will also allow you to cope more easily with an emergency if your boiler has a serious issue.

We have a variety of finance options available to suit different circumstances. We believe that purchasing our products should be easy, without making a huge impact on your budget. Our monthly repayments are convenient and affordable, allowing you to organise your money to suit your requirements.

Get your new boiler exactly when you need it

The boiler and central heating system are an essential part of your household, especially in colder winter months. We understand that if your boiler stops working it will need to be fixed as soon as possible. However, boilers can be a costly additional expense, especially if money is tight and insurance doesn’t cover a breakdown.

Customers who get their boilers on finance have peace of mind, knowing that a replacement boiler can be installed at the time you need it. And instead of seeing your paycheque disappear, you can spread the cost and make life much easier.

Apply for boiler finance today

Application for boiler finace is easy, just follow the link and submit your details. We are partnered with regulated credit brokers Kandoo who have an extensive range of flexible finance options. Helping you choose the most suitable personal finance plan for your boiler.