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Warning signs for boilers

When do I need a boiler replacement Milton Keynes?  Can I just repair my existing boiler?  The answer isn’t always clear, so it’s good to ask one of our experts to assess your boiler and give their opinion. Have you noticed issues with your water temperature? There are a few signs you can keep a lookout for to stay proactive with your boiler. 

Do you see any leaking coming from the boiler?

Have you noticed a frozen condensate pipe on the boiler?

Have you checked the boiler for low pressure?

Do you hear whistling, gurgling, or any other weird noises coming from the boiler?

Is the pilot light having trouble staying lit?

Are you having issues with your hot water?

Boiler replacement in Milton Keynes

Gas central heating and boiler repairs

Anytime you find one of these issues, you should call our experts to come and take a look at your boiler or central heating system. Our engineers have years of experience in the industry and undergo extensive training. They have the skills and know-how to diagnose a wide range of boiler and heating issues. It is important to keep a boiler well maintained with regular servicing. If you neglect your boiler, it could end up costing you more if you need to replace it sooner

Professional boiler installation whenever you need a replacement

The above questions can help you decide if you need to contact our boiler repair experts. Whether you have a new boiler installation service, repair service, or routine maintenance service, our professionals are fully equipped to successfully manage your services. Contact our skilled boiler experts right away for an emergency or to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. Boilers can be expensive to repair, so save time, stress, and money on repairs by hiring a certified professional rather than your local neighbourhood handyman.

Boiler installation and boiler repair throughout Milton Keynes

If you are in Milton Keynes or the surrounding area and need to replace your boiler, ROMA Heating are on hand to offer our installation services. We can give advice on the most suitable installation options for your home or business. Allowing you to choose your perfect new gas boiler. All installation work is guaranteed and performed by our  Gas Safe registered staff.